Breaking Betting News is a unique real-time provider of breaking news for sports bettors.  Our news feed is updated daily based on output of key matches, races, games, events or proposition bets derived from our proprietary algorithms.   We continuously scan massive amounts of data from all major sports to find those few key events which present the best betting opportunities.

Our team sports engine is powered by ACCUSCORE–  a team sport simulator and content engine founded in 2004.   Accuscore has powered predictive content for the likes of ESPN, Yahoo Sports, CBS Sportline, Wall Street Journal, Sporting News, Betfair, Unibet, NordicBet, Dafabet, ComeOn, Coolbet, Veikkaus and others.

Our horse racing engine is powered by Horseplay Media- a horse racing algorithm which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to the racing form to predict outcomes and derive unique angles for races.    Download the app-  HORSELOGICS at the APP store or on Google Play.

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